I EFI I EFI I EFIWhy massage relieves your stress?


The strength of Swedish massage is to relax muscles and nerves by long, smooth, relaxing and nurturing kneading strokes, gently go into the lymphatic and nervous tissue, and eventually relax and rejuvenate the muscular and nervous system.
........When combined with Shiatsu's "finger pressure" by pressing on certain "energy points" along the body, this combined massage will help relieve congestion throughout the body and stimulate blood circulation. It works even better for those who are used to deep (deeper) pressure massage.
........Swedish massage is the most common form of massage, consisting of smooth and definite strokes and gentle kneading.
........The increase in lymph circulation is the most widely recognized physiological effect of massage. (Lymphatic system removes particles from cell breakdown, viruses, and bacteria).
........Massage can also help relieve insomnia, reduce mildly high blood pressure, and speed up the healing process of muscle tissue.

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More benefits
I Relieves muscular tension and spasms, improves muscle tone; relieves and prevents adhesions to muscle tissue.
I Compensates in part for lack of physical activity; helps prevent muscular atrophy.
I Increases flexibility and range of motion (connective tissues).
I Increases blood flow/circulation. Enhances body's natural healing process.
I Can reduce mildly high blood pressure.
I Reduces mental fatigue, increases energy, ambition and productivity; increases circulation.
I Can help relieve insomnia.
I Increases metabolic rate, assisting with fat loss.
I Combats negative effects of aging.

   I EFI I EFI I EFIEducation and experiences

Brian is a professionally certified  and licensed massage therapist. He is a graduate of Mesa Institute in Santa Ana, CA with over 1000 hours of training, specifically:
Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Chair Massage, Aromatherapy.
........Brian has earned his BA in Theatre Arts and English. He is CPR certified and has received training in HIV and AIDS awareness.
........In addition, he teaches Hatha Yoga (emphasis on power and strength with specific attention to individuals of all levels) and group fitness classes several times a week at the Anaheim Hilton Sports & Fitness Center.
.......Brian can be reached at (714) 783-5677 or send an email at Briclogger@SBCGlobal.net.

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   I EFI I EFI I EFIFAQ's about massage

I I've never had a massage before. What should I expect? First the massage therapist will ask you to fill out a client intake form with questions to learn about your previous health history.
........For most people, massage is completely safe. However, professionally trained massage therapists want to ensure that your medical needs and restrictions are honored so that you can enjoy the best massage possible. If you've had surgery or specific medical conditions, it's important for the massage therapist to consult with your physician first to ensure your safety and to provide the most therapeutic effect.
........The massage therapist will then meet with you to discuss areas that are particularly tense or areas that need special attention. He will also ask what areas to avoid and other preferences and goals you may have in your massage therapy treatment.

I Is my privacy respected? Yes, by all means. The massage therapist will leave the room to wash his hands and allow you privacy to unclothe, lie on the massage table, and drape a sheet over your body.
........He will work within your specific comfort range and can provide a very therapeutic massage even on a fully clothed individual. However, generally when receiving a full-body massage most undergarments are removed. You are draped with a sheet at all times during the massage. (For men, this means constant draping around the pelvic area; and for women, draping around the pelvis and chest). This is required by law. The massage therapist practices ethical, legitimate massage and honors the guidelines established by the state of California. The massage therapist will knock and wait for your permission before he enters the room. He then ensures that you're comfortable and begins the massage.

I What happens during a massage? During a massage, the therapist uses dim lighting, relaxing music, and sometimes aromatherapy (candles or scented oil). Your job is...to relax. Please tell the massage therapist anything that feels particularly good, or on the other hand, anything that causes discomfort. Sometimes a contracted muscle is very painful to even the slightest touch, and it's important to work within your comfort range for the best results. Try it. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

I More Questions? If you have any further questions about therapeutic massage, please do not hesitate to contact me at (714) 783-5677 or email at Briclogger@SBCGlobal.net. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I Thank you for your interest in therapeutic massage! Sincerely, Brian Bon, CMT (Certified Massage Therapist)

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   I EFI I EFI I EFIGift certificates

There are smarter gifts than a tie or a pair of socks. Give the gift of massage to the ones you love--family, friends and loved ones.
.......For the Holidays, birthdays or just for fun the gift of massage is always a great way to let someone know you care and appreciate them. The recipient is free to call and schedule an appointment time convenient to them.


   I EFI I EFI I EFIInteresting facts about massage

You probably already know the general benefits of massage; it can relax muscles, increase joint mobility, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain caused by injury, and improve both physical and mental state.
........But you probably haven't heard anything about the following discovered in the researches done by Touch Research Institute (TRI) in Miami, the world's only scientific center devoted to exploring the effects of touch on health. There, psychologist Tiffany Field directs a staff of 28 students, volunteers, and massage therapists, and collaborates with researchers at the University of Miami, Duke and Harvard. They discovered:

With 3 massages a day for 10 days to a premature baby, he will be more alert, active and responsive than non-massaged infants of his size and condition. He will be more able to tolerate noise and to calm himself. He will sleep more deeply. He will have fewer episodes of apnea (a brief cessation of breathing and a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome). He will gain weight 47% faster and get out of hospital 6 days sooner.

After the Oklahoma City bombing, volunteer therapists gave massages to exhausted rescue workers, numbed survivors and overworked pathologists. The state medical examiner observed that the massage therapists were accomplishing more in 15 minutes than psychologists could in an hour or two.

Massage has positive effects on conditions from colic to hyper-activity to diabetes to migraines. Massage seems to help asthmatics breathe easier, boost immune function in HIV+ patients, improve autistic children's ability to concentrate, lower anxiety in depressed adolescents, and reduce apprehension in burn victims about to undergo debridement, the painful procedure in which contaminated skin is removed.

After a group of volunteers over age 60 were given 3 weeks of massage and then trained to massage toddlers at the preschool, they exhibited less depression, lower stress hormones and less loneliness. They had fewer doctor visits, drank less coffee and made more social phone calls.
........Despite of all the benefits of massage, America is what anthropologists call a "non tactile" society. Compared with most cultures, we are -so to speak- touchy about touch. When psychologist Sidney Jourard observed rates of casual touch among couples in cafes around the world, he reported the highest rate in Puerto Rico (180 times per hour). The U.S. was among the lowest (2 times per hour).
........Tiffany Field has discovered that French parents and children touch each other 3 times more frequently than their American counterparts, a pattern that continues with age. "French parents and teachers alike are more physically affectionate and the kids are less aggressive," says Field.

The above information are extracted from an article titled "The Magic of Touch" written by George Howe Colt in the August 1997 issue of Life Magazine.

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