About the Bon Family Cloggers

The Bon Family Cloggers perform a high-energy, fast-paced variety show that can be tailored for any occasion or event. This group of seven brothers and sisters, along with their other performing teams,  are surefire crowd pleasers that will get everyone clapping their hands and stomping their feet!

The family members are: Cheryl, Brian, Julie, Mindi, Dawn, Billy, Brian K., and Sammy.

Their act is self contained.  They have their own portable dance floor if needed that assembles in minutes.  Costumes and music are provided by the Bon Family.  Most often a sound system is provided by the venue.  The show can be flashy or intimate and can be altered to fit any theme- Your show can be:

< traditional/country
< jazzy/trendy
< holiday/seasonal

Spice up your events
With heart and soul!

Their love for one another shines through and draws the audience into the Bon Family as you watch them interact with each other.
If you loved Riverdance you'll love clogging. So when it comes time to book entertainment for your event, fair, festival, party or anything else be sure to contact--the Bon Family Cloggers: click here

(California All-Stars at Calico Ghost Town, CA)

Nationally recognized, Bon Family members'
Credits include:

< Fox TV's 30 Seconds to Fame
< Good Day Live  >you are watching :: gooddaylive.com ::
< Destination Stardom  > From Hawaii...Destination Stardom
< Five seasons on the nationally syndicated TV Show HEE HAW
< State & world's fairs
< Alaska State Fair
< Vancouver World' s Fair
< LA County Fair and more
< Opening act for country music's EXILE and Johnny Lee
< Rodeos (Calgary Stampede)
< Theme Parks, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, the Grand Ole Opry, Silver Dollar City & more
< Literally 1000's of local and national titles
< Numerous local television and film appearances

"The Bon Family brings so much to the stage and really personifies the image of wholesome fun that we like at the fair. They attract the biggest crowds and never fail to be 100% pure entertainment on stage!" (Carol Lombardo, Entertainment Director of the Alaska State Fair)

"The performance was everything I expected and more. High energy, fun and I
was exhausted just watching!" (Carol Latham, Anaheim Arts Council)

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See them dance!


Learn clogging
Bon Family's Clogging Workshops

< Featuring the Bon Family and California All-Star Cloggers
< All ages
< All body types
< Boys, girls, men and women
< Fun! Exercise! Professional!
< Custom training packages available

Call Brian: (714) 783-5677

Director/Choreographer, Brian Bon also teaches clogging and has  directed and choreographed musical theatre productions and revues, including shows at Downtown Disney and a long
running show in Laughlin, NV. Costumes for all the shows are created by Connie Bon.

Classes in Fullerton, CA and LaVerne, CA.

(714) 783-5677